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Woman By Design is a Level1 BEEE, proudly South African enterprise owned by Yasmine Eastwood

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Christian Leadership Coach | Author | Speaker | Mentor

As a certified Life Coach and HR specialist in my 26 years
of employment in various companies and two of South
Africa’s top companies Old Mutual and First National
Bank, I have acquired the skills from a salesperson to an
Acting Head of HR.

For a period of 20 years, I found myself in official and
unofficial positions in Human Resource Development.
In addition to my role as HR Manager and Acting Head of
HR, I was responsible for the development and
presentation of training programs and Change
management interventions in the HR field.

I was also involved and trained in the Change Program as
a Change Agent, and I was responsible for the
development and facilitation of workshops for the
resolution of organizational problems resulting from an
organization undergoing change and transformation.

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Marilyn J – Test Analyst Designation

When I first met up with Yasmine I was working as a contractor, and I was not very confident. Yasmine steered me and helped me to handle the interviews. She encouraged me to express myself verbally as well as physically. Today, I am in a very prestige position as a Test Analyst for a fast-paced and evergrowing medical aid company. Her mentoring helped me step up quickly from Tester to my present position after a year, thereby ensuring that I skipped the Junior Test Analyst position. Because of Yasmine’s motivation and encouragement, I am working towards a Team Leader position. I can take charge of my life and not allow anyone else to dictate whether I am happy or not. Yasmine’s workshops are so spontaneous and alive and encourage us women to stand up and take charge of our destinies

May-ron – Project Manager Designation

When I first met Yasmine I was working as an Admin Clerk. I was not very confident as a male. I didn’t know which way to go career-wise. Yasmine did a Career and Personality assessment. This determined the outcome that I was getting bored in my position and I was not in the correct field of work. After determining the results, Yasmine steered me in the right direction. Yasmine dedicated her time to Coaching me not only to gain confidence in how to speak Confidently in Interviews but also to gain confidence and understand my personal barriers with the outcome of my assessment. Yasmine steered me mentally and emotionally into the position of Project CoOrdinator, it didn’t stop there within 6 months I was promoted to Project Manager. Yasmine has motivated and dynamic in solving your Life puzzle. She has assisted me tremendously to build an outstanding Confidence profile and helped me discover the hole in my soul to finally increase every area in my life. This has helped me victoriously in becoming a Great Leader, and to recognize my potential and value which helped me to direct that into REAL Results.